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LEX (Lectures and Excursions Committee)

LEX (Lectures and Excursions Committee)


While in previous years the Lex and the Opcie have been separate committees, this year they have been combined into one! The Lex/Opcie organizes educational events, such as lectures, excursions, and workshops. In the past years there have been lectures about mindfulness, the psychology of discrimination, and an excursion to the Amsterdamse Bos with a nature psychologist. The Lex/Opcie also organizes career related events, such as how to open your own praxis or the career days. 


This year the Lex/Opcie consists of 6 lovely ladies, all motivated to organize the most interesting events. We would like to introduce ourselves with some fun facts about each member. First, we have our secretary Daria, who has traveled to Greece to rescue a poor little street kitten and bring it back to the Netherlands. Then we have our treasurer Pauline, who’s favorite tea is liquorice tea. Our promotion coordinator is Laura, who’s superpower is getting through Uni life without beer, wine, or coffee, as she likes none of these beverages. Our external contacts person is Amanda-Liz, who has a phobia of the underside of ships. Veerle is our general member, who’s hallmark of laziness is eating golden kiwis without removing the skin. Lastly, we have our chairwoman Josie, who has a terrible sense of direction, still not being able to navigate her hometown. And of course, we cannot forget our honorary member Teddy, who always supports us by being adorable.



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  • Marijne van der Wielen