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Wintersportcie (Ski Trip Committee)

Wintersportcie (Ski Trip Committee)


We are the Wintersportcie, and we are in charge of organising the VSPVU’s Ski Trip. A week filled with winterfun, sports, après-ski, snow angels, beer and wonderful people. The great times and lovely individuals make for unbelievably splendid stories. Whether you are an experienced snow lover or someone who has never hit the slopes before, the legendary Ski Trip is a perfect way to make the most of the winter weather.

Together as a committee, we are in charge of coming up with an awesome program for the trip, designing cool hoodies and hosting pre-union and reunion events. In our committee we have Davey, our Sponsor Coordinator, who is in charge of finding fun companies to sponsor us. Thijm, our trustworthy Treasurer, is in charge of planning our budget for the Ski Trip. Vera, our amazing General Member and the life of every party, is in charge of making sure everyone is having a blast. Pim is our Secretary, and in charge of transcribing all of our crazy meetings. Žiga, our amazing Promotion Coordinator, is in charge of all the cool and hilarious promotion that goes out about the Ski Trip. And last but not least, our lovely Chairwoman, Zselyke, is in charge of hosting meetings and making agendas.

We would love to see you join us on the trip! Are you ready to make some memories?

Love, the Wintersportcie

If you wish to contact the Wintersportcie, please send an e-mail to wintersportcie@vspvu.com.


  • Zselyke Németh


  • Pim Dieperink


  • Thijmen Olivier Simon


  • Žiga Bebar

    Promotion Coordinator

  • Davey Drieman

    External Contacts

  • Vera Cobas Vázquez

    General Member