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Feestcie (Party Committee)

Feestcie (Party Committee)

Are you a party animal? That is convenient, because the VSPVU has its own Feestcie! The Feestcie organises four parties a year, including the annual ball. The first time you rub shoulders with the committee will probably be at the ‘Psy Kick-off’: the first party in the introduction week for students Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences. To organise such a party, the Feestcie searches a good location that fits the theme for each party. Besides, the committee arranges lots of extras at the parties, like special prizes for drinks, fun gadgets, awards for the best outfit and of course a great evening. The Feestcie also arranges the best DJ’s to entertain our students with their music. So what are you waiting for? Put on you outfit, get a ticket and we will see you at our parties!

The Feestcie is all about organizing the annual Gala and Intro Party, but that doesn’t mean that the current outbreak has caused us to sit still all year! It all started with our very first meeting, and people were getting sick of doing nothing during quarantine. For example, Andrew was sick of reading and writing stories, Danique was getting sick of going for walks, Boaz got sick of studying at home and Tanja got sick of going home from vacation early and sitting at home. Luna and Emma enjoyed themselves, but also weren’t feeling the “don’t do anything at home” spirit anymore. Sounds like basically anyone in 2020, right?
Well, we wanted to change that! We got together as the Feestcie and started to work on the best Gala that we can offer! But that doesn’t mean our first meeting went without any stories to tell… Since we’re called the Feestcie, we kind of made it a party, and a party is nothing without any drinks. Or two. Or three. Or ten. Andrew tried to be an actual chairman for once, but when he saw the bottle of wine and the meeting was over, he cheered with the committee and from there it all went south. He started being the exact opposite from his regular personality: from the rational person who doubts everyone and everything, he suddenly became the most unpredictable loosely fired cannon you’ve ever seen! Everything he does is being done with the biggest grin on his face, just like Emma, who is amused and satisfied with anything that is happening, even with one of the many, many terrible dad jokes! Danique and Tanja are by far the most dynamic duo when it comes to drinking: one time they can be super hyped about anything, and at other moments they are in a small mental breakdown, but most of all, they can be great dancers whenever they feel like it! You never know what you’re going to get when you go for a drink with them. And when you say to Boaz that some people are dancing, he pours himself a glass of whiskey and jumps right in! Some say that he takes his dancing skills onto the street! His smooth dancing skills are being continued onto his bike, even when there are people like Luna on the back seat.

If you wish to contact the Feestcie, please send an e-mail to feestcie@vspvu.com.


  • Andrew de Ruiter


  • Danique Rosenthal

    Sponsor Coordinator

  • emma hoogland


  • Boaz Emanuels


  • Tanja Witteveen

    Promotion Coordinator

  • Luna Brok