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LEX (Lectures and Excursions Committee)

LEX (Lectures and Excursions Committee)

The LEX is the VSPVU’s committee for lectures and excursions. Each year, the LEX organises five study related activities. In the past years, there have been lectures about suicide, internet dating and forensic psychology. There have also been lectures by an ex-detainee, a military with PTSD and a victim of sexual abuse. There have been excursions to School TV and Dolhuys. What you normally do not see in your study lectures is what the LEX brings to you. Field experts, patients and psychologist from the work field bring the study material to life and bring you stories you would otherwise never hear.

If you wish to contact the LEX, please send an e-mail to lex@vspvu.com.


  • Giovanni Stickdorn


  • Gizella Dezso


  • Babs Groot

    Promotion Coordinator

  • Alessandro Gazzola Arias