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Illusie (Introduction Committee)

Illusie (Introduction Committee)

The Illusie is committed to warmly welcoming first year students Psychology and Child Studies. The Illusie gives everything to give the new students an unforgettable start of an unforgettable studentship. They do this by selecting the best mentors for the Introduction Days, making a magazine for all first year students of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences and, of course, the Introduction Weekend! This is also the committee's highlight of the year and the committee works towards this last and most exiting activity with great joy. The Introduction Committee means joy, creativity, responsibility, but mostly experiencing some great highlights in your studentship.

If you wish to contact the Illusie, please send an e-mail to illusie@vspvu.com.


  • Open Spot

    Contact us to apply! Mail to introductioncommittee@vspvu.com

  • Michiel Smit


  • Revathi Renil


  • Esmee Blankers


  • Lea Kausch

    Promotion Coordinator

  • Laura Altenburger

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