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Actie (Activity Committee)

Actie (Activity Committee)

Shannon: Hi! My name is Shannon, second year Psychology student and chairwoman of the Actie this year. I am a very spontaneous, energetic at times, but also quiet at others, open-minded person with a sense for a life full of thrill and excitement and horrible memes and puns. This is my second year in the VSPVU and even though everything is online now, I still value the contact with fellow members and still try my best to organize nice activities with my amazing committee members! If you can’t come to our activities (in real life), we bring our activities to you (online)!
Alessa: My name is Alessa and I am a second year psychology student and secretary of the Actie this year. I am a very open-minded person and I love organizing events, especially leisure activities. Although this year most of those will probably be online I am looking forward to planning events that would be fun for everybody.
Jet: Hi guys, My name is Jet and I am the treasurer of the Actie. I am a second year psy student and I can't wait to organize awesome events with our committee. Eventough the events will probably take place online, it is going to be fun! I can't wait to see you there (:
Justus: Heyy everyone! My name is Justus and I am in my second year of psychology. This year I’ll be the promotor for the Actie and I’m very excited about this. It might not have been the most exciting start of a new school year, but do not worry. We from the committee are going to make it so much fun for you guys. We are going to host the most exciting events ever, so be ready! I am a positive, social and energetic person, with a small addiction to brunch. I also love “cooking” with my friends: I pour the wine, they cook. When the festivals and clubs open again you can probably find me there. I love meeting new people and chatting all day long. I hope to see you at our events! 
Liza: Hey, I am Liza and I am a second year psychology student. This year I will be the general member of the Actie. I like to spend my free time by hanging out with friends, watching Netflix and/or by reading a good book. I am already looking forward to plan some nice activities and to see you there!

If you wish to contact the Actie, please send an e-mail to actie@vspvu.com.


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