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Chess Tournament

We don’t know about you but we surely do miss seeing members playing chess in the VSPVU room. Some are obviously better at it than others and some really need to practice more. But no matter what the level of experience you had, playing or just simply watching a chess match in the room was indeed a nice thing to do for all. It is sad the room is closed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to play chess with each other. We invite you now to join our online chess tournament. Everybody is invited, doesn’t matter if you know how to play or not, you can always learn and practice with us!

Personal Branding

Dearest reader,

Chairmen Wanted

VSPVU consists of all sorts of committees and without their wonderful chairmen perhaps you would be missing out some of the events that you really enjoy. The academic year is coming to an end and we need new chairmen for the next academic year. From now on, you can apply for the committee you want to be the chairman of, by signing-up via form. Before you do so, we urge you to check the committees page to get a better understanding of what committees we have and which one suits you the best.

General Meeting #5
Stress Management

Dear interested,

BBQ Party

Dear VSPVU-ers,

Meet the Committees

The time has come! The VSPVU is hiring again! WE ARE LOOKING FOR YOU! The VSPVU has 15 amazing committees you can apply for! But do you want to know more? The ‘Meet the Committee’ event is the place to be! This event is an information market where you can walk by every committee and ask them all your questions. We welcome you Tuesday, September 1st to join us from 19:00 – 22:00. Where? We are currently working really hard to make this a physical event, due to this the location is to be announced.

General Meeting #1

The time has come for the first general meeting of the academic year. Attending the general meeting allows you to let your voice be heard within the association and allows you to get an insight into what's going on within the walls of VSPVU.

Mini Glow Golf

Dear all!


Dear all!

Mission 0073: Laser Hunt

After months of sitting inside and having to spend time by yourself or with your buddies online, we’re all quite sick of being isolated from each other. And who knows, maybe you got so tired of your house mates or friends that you want to, you know, shoot them! Now hold on, shooting other people is not allowed when it comes to physical objects of course (and something we don’t endorse, duh), but what about LASERS? Everyone loves lasers!

Pub Quiz

Dear all,

CANCELLED Convention 2020: The Digital Mind

* Unfortunatly this event has been cancelled* 

Mini Event: Who is the Imposter?

Help! There is an imposter among us! Can you help us find who this person is? On the 27th of October from 19:00-22:00, we will host one of the biggest successes of the second round of (semi-)quarantine: Among Us. There are two options to play this game: for free on your phone or you can invest €4,- for the Steam version on your laptop. For the gameplay, it doesn’t matter at all! As a wise man once said: if you play it four times, it is worth your money. The best imposter of the night will win a special price. Don’t know what this game is about…? Stay tuned for more information.

Welcome to Amsterdam

Dear new students,

Borrel #2 Breaking News

Dear all,


Hey jij!

Actie #1: Online Escape Room

Hey everyone,

Barcie #1: Beer Pongline

Hey there everyone!

LEX#1: Mind full or mindful?
74 Kitchen

Dear all,

Candidate Board Information Evening #1

Are you thinking about joining the board but still in doubt? 

Barcie #2: Game Night


Opcie #1: fighting addiction

Dear VPSVU members and non-members.

Actie #2: Lost Easter Eggs

Heyy everyone,

Pedcie #2: De pest aan pesten


Open Board Meeting

Dear all

Candidate Board Information Evening #2

The deadline for applying for the board is approaching! And we have another board information evening!

Mini Event: Kings Cup

Dear All

Borrel #4: Pirates of the VSPVU and the curse of the black pearl

Ahoy all, 


Hi guys!

Canoeing in Amsterdam

Dear all

Barcie #3: The Cocktail Trail

Dear adventurers,

Lex#3: The Psychology behind Discrimination

Dear VSPVU members and non-members,