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How to sign up?


From the 4th of May till the 11th of May 2018 the annual study trip from the VSPVU will take place. This year we’re going to Lisbon! Do you want to join us? Then you have to make sure you know exactly how the registration works, so you can be sure to join the trip!

The registration will open on Wednesday, the 7th of February, at 12.45 in the VSPVU-room (MF-D056). To make sure the registration will go smoothly and everybody will have a fair chance, we have the following rules:

1. FULL = FULL. The first people in line, will be the first ones to sign in. At 12.45 there will be 32 spots available.

2. If you fill in a form, make sure that you can join the trip. If you have filled in the form it means that the money will be charged from your bankaccount.

3. There will be a line, made with duct-tape, in the VSPVU-room at 11.30. This will be the line for the registration. You can hand in your form at 11.30 by giving it to a Reiscie member. Only if you’ve handed in your form and you’re standing in line, you are officially standing in line. When you stand in line, it means you stay there. This is to prevent people from putting their form in line, leave, and return by 12.45. You have to stay in the VSPVU-room. So once you’ve handed in your form, you stay in the VSPVU-room.

4. If you can’t be on time, someone else can hand in your form. Everybody is allowed to register one person. If someone else is going to register you, make sure you e-mail this to before the 6th of February 23.59. The form of the person that stands in line will be the first form that will be handed in. If his/her form is handed in, then he/she can hand in the other form from the other person.

5. The registration will only be valid when the form is completely filled in and filled in truthfully. Besides the form, there must be a copy of the front and back from your ID-card or passport. It has to be valid during the trip (4/5/2018 – 11/5/2018) and it has to be the travel document you will be using! Furthermore, you have to attach a copy of your student pass. If you don’t have a traveling document yet, please e-mail this before the 6th of February 23.59 to You can send us a copy of your traveling document before March 10th 23.59.

6. If your registration is complete, than your name will be wrote down on the registration list. If you are part of the first 32 people, then you’re assured that you have a spot on the trip. There will be a spare list, starting at person number 33.

7. Members have a priority on non-members. So make sure you have your member-pass or have the sticker on your student-pass. If you don’t have either one of them, make sure you get one! You can get a sticker at the VSPVU-room by asking someone from the board. If you are a non-member you’ll be written down on another separate list.

8. On February 7th there will be a member from the Reiscie. We will be there at 11.30. Before 11.30 the Reiscie will not be responsible for the line. When we arrive at 11.30, one of the Reiscie members will supervise the line.


We hope that the rules are clear for the registration! If you have any questions you can send an e-mail to If you have some last minute questions, you can call of send an WhatsApp to 06 12671862 (Liz Masselink, chairwoman Reiscie). We all hope to see you the 7th of February and hopefully you can join us on this amazing trip!




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