Sports Committee #1: Curling and Ice skating



Locatie: Jaap Eden Baan
Datum: 01 januari t/m 17 januari

Have you ever watched the Winter Olympics and thought; ‘Weird sport is this? Looks so stupid, Why would someone want to compete in this? Weirdo’s… Curling pffffff..’
Now is your chance to play it yourself! Get your broom going! The Sports Committee is organizing a Curling Clinic at the Jaap Eden Baan. The only thing you have to do is buy a ticket and come with your competitive happy self! We will have someone who will teach us all the tips and tricks to become a Curling pro, so maybe someday you can compete in the Winter Olympics yourself (if you’re ambitious enough).

If you want to join us for some ice skating after the curling clinic, you can bring your own skates or rent them for 6 euros at the Jaap Eden Baan. We will also prepare some mini games for those of you who are into that! Be there at 12:15 so we can start on time! The curling will take place for the first hour and then we'll proceed to ice skating!


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Sportcentrum VU

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