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Blogpost #4 - Isa



I wanted to write a little piece about looking back on my Board year so far (since we are not done yet). I was doubting about becoming Board, but ever since meeting my fellow Board members, those doubts have passed. I was also quite nervous to know who I was to become Board with, but I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better Board 🥰. During your Board year, you become so close with these people, it feels like a new family. Even though I didn’t really speak with some of them before my Board year.

My function still is super fun. All the creativity I can use to make promotion feels very liberating. In the beginning, I had some issues with planning, but after a little while I got everything under control, and it became less stressful! This made space for more fun tasks, such as updating the chalkboard, helping other Board members, and just having fun with members in the room!

Another amazing thing is to see all the creativity flown by the committee promotion coordinators! The work they deliver gives me new perspectives and it is so fun to see them having fun with experimenting! So to my lovely promotion coordinators: keep doing your thing!! ❤️

Since my board year isn’t done until the beginning of September, I am looking forward to seeing what will happen during the summer. I am very excited for both the association, but also our new Candidate Board!

If you have any questions, regarding my function or about being Board (or if you just want to get matcha) feel free to stop by the room!

We hope to see you during our upcoming events!!!

Hugs and kisses,

Isa Witteman 💚
Commissioner of Communication and Media of the 77th Board