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Blog Post #6


Hello lovely members,


It is time for another update from me, Martijn, through our blog. Here I will let you guys know what we have been up to and how I have been experiencing all this!

Last time I wrote this the weather was getting worse, but now it is slowly (ever so slowly) improving! I really hope the weather will keep getting better so life outside will start up and life will become more as it used to be. However, even though I really hope for a more normal life outside, I really enjoyed all our online events. I have really seen the practicality of online events and sincerely hope that they will remain a part of life. Online meetings can also make life really easy sometimes, since you don’t have to travel. But seeing our members in real life is always better than online, that will never change.

With that being said, we recently had a few physical activities and that kind of felt like a relief. I think we were all been waiting for physical activities and they are finally here again. We have had some really creative event where people would walk a route in duos or small groups and we even had a borrel at the Heeren!! This event was something I was really happy to host for everyone and I hope we will be able to have more of those in the near future.

Also, I am really happy with our new Candidate Board!! Really glad to have them as our successors and I am 100% sure they will do a great job. I wish them the best for the coming year and hope they will have as much fun as I have had up until now. Because, with all honesty, a Board year is a lot of fun. It is busy, that much is true, but every task you do is to make sure people can have a good time at the VSPVU, so it feels really rewarding! I look forward to eventually seeing CB in action!!

All in all, I hope you all are enjoying life as much as I am and that we will see each other again soon. And remember, stay healthy!

Cheers, Martijn