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Blog post #2


Hi loveliest members! It’s me, Iris. This month it’s my turn to give you an update on my life and I’m really enjoying that I can take you on this journey with me for a bit, so keep reading for an update on board life in general and also my life!

 Firstly, the holidays are coming up and they are much needed! Seeing the Christmas decorations popping up everywhere warms my heart and makes me all the more excited for hot chocolate, cookies and Christmas dinner with the family. I think that all of us are looking forward to taking a break of 2 weeks, so that we can have a revitalized, fresh start again in January to be there for you again with some great activities that are coming up (stay tuned :D)!

For now, board life largely consists of the committees that are starting to have their first events or have just had them. I personally really enjoy seeing everyone getting used to their functions and everyone learning their personal tasks so quickly and getting used to committee life. Everyone is becoming a small expert of their own, which makes me really proud (I feel like a committee mommy sometimes). Seeing the committees’ first events popping up and watching their ticket sales go up is super exciting, not to mention seeing what other committees created both online and offline. I’m really impressed with the online solutions that committees have come up with and I’m sure they will continue to come up with for the rest of at least the coming lockdown.

Other than that, preparations for the Career Weeks of Psychology and Pedagogical Sciences are going strong for the past few weeks and both Demi, Sofi and I attend meetings about this, sometimes even multiple times a week, to collect speakers for this and arrange the logistics around it. We’re also busy planning Active Member Weekend, where we have some important stuff already worked out and we’ve gotten to the most fun stuff now (not spoiling anything, though). Stay tuned for information about these upcoming events!

Unfortunately, this is already the end of my concise life update. I’m sad to say that both me and the rest of the board won’t be able to see you in real life for the coming while due to the second lockdown going on and thus the VSPVU room's closing. Know that we’ll be there for you behind the scenes, doing our utmost to make your lockdown days as fun as possible! Although the coming times might be a little tough not only for the VSPVU, but also for all of you, I think we will all get through it as long as we still have each other and we stick together. If you ever feel lonely, I suggest checking out the VSPFamily that allows you to meet up with other students for a chat, a study session, a walk, a coffee or anything else that you’re missing right now. Now I wish you all a lovely Christmas break! I hope you get the rest that you’ve without a doubt been craving and that you’ll have a lovely time with your families. Stay safe, merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Much love,