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After having thought about life for a long time, I decided to study Psychology. The real reason I still cannot explain very well, but my odd (ex) stepmother may have had something to do with it. From day one, I have enjoyed it very much and often go to the tutorials with pleasure. I really like learning things at Social Psychology I recognise myself  and using these things in daily life. Also, I would recommend the social drinking gatherings and other activities from the VSPVU if you want te meet new people to get through the sometimes tough weeks. - Amber Götz van der Vet, Opcie 2015-2016.

What struck me in the Introduction week, was that the VSPVU had a great atmosphere where silliness is appreciated and where you can be yourself. That is why I thought it would be fun to become an active member by joining the LEX. In the meantime, I look back on our first lectures with great satisfaction. By being a member of the VSPVU, I have got to know a lot of new enthusiastic and cheerful people. What I find great about the VSPVU is that the activities are so varied, with on one side lots of fun and sociability and on the other side informative and interesting activities. For example, I have really enjoyed jumpsquare, the Christmas market and the social drinking gatherings. I have also found activities like the Opcie excursion to the AMC about sexuology and the congress "Het Leidende Brein" very instructive and interesting. If I am looking for a good time in my time between classes, I can always come to the VSPVU room. - Inger van Hoogstraten, LEX 2015-2016, Opcie 2016-2017, Tranz 2017-2018.


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