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Summary Sales

In support of your study, the VSPVU offers high quality summaries. These summaries are provided by AthenaSummary. Dit company has years of experience in offering study assistence in the form of summaries and elaborations. Because of the top students that write the summaries and the good supervision, AthenaSummary guarantees excellent summaries that could help you with your study. 

We strive for perfection, but it could happen that you have feedback, a complaint or a remark about a summary. For this, you can send an email to

When are we open?
Two weeks before the exam week begins we are open every business day from 12:45 till 13:30 to sell summaries. We do NOT sell summaries during the exam week! The summaries are available at the VSPVU deks in the VU boekhandel, or online via the AthenaSummary website. For the latest prizes of the summaries, keep an eye on the website and like us on Facebook. VSPVU members recieve a € 3,- discount on all summaries at the book store.

Do you already write summaries for yourself and would you enjoy optimizing them under supervision and then publishing them at AthenaSummary? Then please send an email in which you introduce yourself and include your resume and two pages of your summary and maybe get startes at AthenaSummary! We offer you a good compensation and a motivated team.