On the beautiful Prinsengracht, in the heart of Amsterdam, you’ll find the beautiful building of “De Duif”. In the 17th century there was a small clandestine church at the Kerkstraat, called “Het vredesduifje” (the peace dove) to which De Duif owes her name. In 1857 the first stone was placed for the current building. In the 20th century, the building got into deacy, but there’s been hard work to restorate the building to it’s old glory. Succesfull, because since the restoration, the old wall painting have been discovered.

De Duif isn’t used for daily church services anymore, but nowadays it’s filled with visitors for lectures, conventions, dinners and concerts, weddings, funerals, fashion shows and much more. It’s on the list of “Unique Venues” in Amsterdam en we’re super honored to held our convention this year, at this beautiful location.

We are happy to welcome you at the first of October at De Duif.

Adress: Prinsengracht 756, 1017 LD, Amsterdam




Prof. Dr. Erik Scherder (left), Dr. Kilian Wawoe (right)


Prof. Dr. Erik Scherder


Erik Scherder is a very well-known Dutch neuropsychology professor and we’re very happy to have him as one of our day chairmen for this year’s convention. Mr. Scherder works for the faculty ‘Human Movement Sciences’ at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, but most of the time you can find him at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where he is the head of the department clinical neuropsychology. Erik Scherder has had multiple television appearances as well. On Dutch national television, he’s been giving various lectures in programs such as De Wereld Draait Door, DWDD University and Max Masterclass on NPO 1. To sum it up, he is a really talented public speaker and he has a lot of experience when it comes to bringing the scientific world and our day to day lives together.

Anything brain related, he’s the expert!


Dr. Kilian Wawoe


Before his psychological career as a organizational psychologist, Dr. Wawoe worked at the ABN-AMRO Bank in the Netherlands, where he researched rewards and ratings at banks. Until now he worked amongst other things in Monaco, Belgium and India and could collect a lot of experience. He is teacher for the department of Human Resource Management at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is a well known speaker and consultant. He wrote the books “Het Nieuwe Belonen” and “Bonus – een Nederlandse bankier vertelt.”

We are very happy to have Kilian Wawoe join Erik Scherder as chairman of the convention this year.

Erik Scherder & Kilian Wawoe have performed together on many occasions. You might have seen them on the Parent Day or “Universiteit van Nederland”.


Ellen Laan

GZ-Psychologist and Sexuologist NVVS Ellen Laan is one of the know and most prominent in her discipline. In 1988 she graduated Cum Laude at the University of Amsterdam. Six years later, she was promoted on the field of seksual arousal of women. She is professor Sexuology and head of the department Sexuology and Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynaecology at the Academic Medical Center. She wrote “Seks! Een leven lang leren” with collegue Rik van Lunsen.

Ellen Laan her research is inspired by, and focus on theories surrounding female sexuality. With that she contributes to the development of sexuality as a field of research, where the sexuality of men used to get the most attention. Besides that she is interested in the social, sexual inequality of men and women.

On the convention, Ellen Laan will talk about real “bedroom stories” and the influence of sexuality and sleep.


Prof. Dr. Frans Koenraadt

Prof. Dr. Frans Koenraadt is a forensic psychologist en criminologist . Besides an extensive career working as a professor he was  reporting psychologist at the Pieter Baan Centrum. Besides, Frans also has shown his expertise in the press during heavy cases like parent murder, partner murder and incendiarism. Frans even received an royal award due to his fundamental contribution in the field of Forensic Psychology.
During the convention Frans will tell us about the combination of forensic psychology and sleep.


Dr. Hans Hamburger

Dr. Hans Hamburger is a neurologist and somnologist and makes the importance of a good night's sleep clear wherever he can. He shares his knowledge in many ways. He was chairman of the Dutch association for sleep research, he is the founder of one of the first medical sleep centres in the Netherlands and he regularly can be found in the media with a clear message: sleep is extremely important for a healthy life .


Justin Franssen

Justin Franssen combined his experience, science and expert knowledge and with that he started At the age of 24, he suffered a serious burn-out, but with hard work he got better. With his experience he wants to help and coach other people. Justin followed a licensed training to become a stress- and burn-out coach. His mission is to make the world a better place. In daily life he spends his time blogging, working as a coach and he wrote “Het Mini Stressboekje” (in Dutch), which is downloadable via this link:


At the convention Justin will talke about the science behind stress, he will share his personal stories and he will let you experience what it’s like by confronting yourself.


Rob de Ron


Rob de Ron comes with a refreshing way of looking at the usually so rigid ideas on sleeping problems: instead of putting enormous pressure on the seven to eight hours that an adult should sleep, he shifts his attention to the whole of day and night during his sleep course. Last year Rob and his course came to attention in a Dutch television show, called “Sophie in de mentale kreukels”.


More information about the ticketsale and schedule will follow soon. Please keep an eye on the Facebookpage and this website for more information.


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