Yearbook Committee

To remember all the fun activities the VSPVU organises, a committee has been established: the Yearbook Committee. They produce the yearbook called the Chronicles, Chronicles means a story in a logical order. The Yearbook Committee writes a report of every activity organised by the VSPVU, which will be recorded in the year book. The year book serves as a memento of the organised activities by means of reports and photography. Of course, we want you to remember the good times you had. Hopefully you will turn every page with pleasure even after many years!

If you wish to contact the Yearbook Committee, please send an e-mail to


Marie van der Meer (Chairwoman)
Ana Luisa Henriques Fuerst
Ida Rautiainen
Nikki Deken
Nandagopal Jafarian

Once upon a time at the VSPVU, five new members created a crew. They came together to
make the best yearbook ever.
The chairwoman Marie, pretty as the sea, showed us what a good time this would be.
Ida the promotion girl, was as tiny and happy as a squirl.
Nikki as a secretary did never need a dictionary.
The treasurer, Ana, who was as sweet as a banana.
And Nanda the design guy, made the yearbook as pretty as a butterfly.
Don’t underestimate the nerds, we come with more than empthy words. This is us in a
nutshell, in time you will get to know us very well.


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