Pedagogiek Commissie

The Child Studies Committee was founded in 2015 and takes students from Child Studies and Academic PABO to the workfield to widen their study by excursions, lectures and courses. Last year, there was an excursion to juvenile prison “De Hartelborgt”, a lecture about FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome), a Child First Aid workshop and a visit to a Cluster 4-school (ZMOK) and an excursion to the Board of Child Protection.

If you wish to contact the Child Studies Committee, please send an e-mail to


Anna van der Poel
Suzanne Kes
Eline Garssen (Chairwoman)
Kelvin Jong

We are Suzanne, Kelvin, Anna and Eline and together we are the Commissie Pedagogiek!
The only official Dutch-language committee of the VSPVU and therefore quite unique.
We organize lectures, excursions and workshops related to the Child Studies career,
and are looking forward to spending much of our time on this in the coming year.
Our Volendammer Suzanne is this years secretary,
With her typing speed of 350 key’s per minute, she is very necessary
Suzanne is always nice and busy,
and with all her jokes there is a lot of fun in this committee.
Kelvin is our only boy and fortunately knows a lot about moneys,
As treasurer this year, he will take great care of our pennies.
We must, however, ensure that not all of the money will go to the pub,
Because you’ll always find wine, beer, vodka or tequila in Kelvin’s drinking cup.

Then we have Anna for our posters and all the promotional material,
with her as promotion coordinator, the ticket sale will go viral.
Doing sports and cooking are two of her hobbies,
Thanks to her healthy food the committee will get fit bodies.
Finally, Eline will be the chairwomen of this year,
because of her many experiences in the VSPVU, everything will be clear.
Eline loves shopping and having a lot of fun,
But watching series is also something that needs to be done.
We have now briefly described our committee,
Yet it is important to come and see, how the Pedagogy Commission in real life will be.
That our plans will be good is not surprising with all our qualities,
Be quick and join all our activities!
The Pedagogiek Commissie


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