Party Committee

Are you a party animal? That is convenient, because the VSPVU has its own Party Committee! The Party Committee organises four parties a year, including the annual ball. The first time you rub shoulders with the Party Committee will probably be at the ‘Psy Kick-off’: the first party in the introduction week for students Psychology and Child Studies. To organise such a party, the Party Committee searches a good location that fits the theme for each party. Besides, the Party Committee arranges lots of extras at the parties, like special prizes for drinks, fun gadgets, awards for the best outfit and of course a great evening. The Party Committee also arranges the best DJ’s to entertain our students with their music. So what are you waiting for? Put on you outfit, get a ticket and we will see you at our parties!

If you wish to contact the Party Committee, please send an e-mail to


Demi Acquoij (Chairwoman)
Suneh Abrahamian
Pieter Braak
Manon van de Griek
Jimmy van Laere
Josefine Huth

Hey, you there, nice to see you here! Welcome at the beginning of your VSPVU-party
year. Before you go inside and get this party started this year’s Party Committee
wants to introduce themselves.
Let’s start with the first step of the stairs, there we have Josie on the left and Demi on
the right. Josie, the brand-new treasurer, will spice up the international way of
partying to make everyone’s wishes would come true. Even heard she is a master in
decorating, so give her a pair of scissors and she will make magic.
Demi, the chairwoman, is making sure she keeps this whole bunch of excited party
animals controlled and hopefully will lead you to the most amazing parties the
VSPVU has ever seen. See for yourself this evening.

On the second stair Suneh on the left and Pieter on the right are thrilled to see you
here as well. Suneh, the brand-new external contacts, will get everybody with her
charms so you can party at the best locations for the best prices. She invented the
term party animal, so wait and see what is in her capacity.
Pieter, the vice-chairman and general member, has so much experience that he will
help out everybody to get the most out themselves this year. Don’t forget to stop by
Pieter at the party and ask for his famous stories, it will make your night complete.
On the next stair Manon, our brand-new secretary, is waiting for you. She will keep
track of not forgetting all the great ideas in this whole bunch enthusiastic puppies.
Need a contact for a venue, music or anything else party related, Manon is the place
to be. Even heard she throws the best pre- and afterparties.
You’re almost ready to start the party, but before Jimmy will lead you to the party, he
wants to let you know that he is the meme master of the VSPVU. Because of his
creative master brain, he will be this year’s promotion coordinator to make you feel
the urge that you would really not want to miss this party. Keep checking the socials,
because you don’t know what’s going to hit you.
Jimmy will now lead you to the party, so get yourself a drink and dance the night
away! See you soon on the four other parties the Party Committee will organize for


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