Parent's Day Committee

The Parent's Day Committee is a committee that is active once every two years. In academic year 2018-2019, there will be another parent day! Do your parents know what studying Psychology or Child Studies means? Do they have any idea what happens during the lectures? The Parent's Day Committee makes parents feel like students for one day. A whole day of lectures and tutorials is organised for the students’ parents. Last time, there were lectures by Kilian Wawoe and Erik Scherder, tutorials on different fields and a social drinking gathering to show the parents what it is like studying at the VU.

If you wish to contact the Parent's Day Committee, please send an e-mail to

Mandy Schunselaar
Eline Konijn
Wouter Groot
Marcelle Hoondert
Liz Masselink
Sjoerd Van den Assem (Chairman)

Hi! We’re the Parent’s day committee! We’re a committee of six and we’ll take your parents with us on a day in the life of a student. A few classes, walking around the campus, having a drink together, it’s going to be excellent! But before the parent’s day starts and before we meet all of you, Let us introduce ourselves, that’s maybe be a good thing to do.

First of all, there’s Sjoerd, the committee chairman, He’s very involved, likes to play around with words and likes to enjoy a beer if he can.
Then we have our vice-chairwoman Liz, A strong-willed girl, always in for ‘gezelligheid’, and her best shots of Amsterdam you cannot miss.
Eline is our lovely Treasurer, She’s always happy, as enthusiastic as a bouncing ball and she’s coming from de Beemster.
Then we’ve got our promotion coordinator Mandy, She’s sweet, takes her action points seriously but is also always in for a little party.
Wouter is our external contacts expert, With his friendly and polite attitude he knows how to reach the best speakers, especially for your lectures.
Finally, there’s Marcelle, the secretary of the committee, The best secretaries’ club is her goal, she’s a bit of a perfectionist, so her transcripts need to be pretty.

All together we’ll make it a very fun day, Don’t be late, we’d like it if a lot of people come and stay. Internationals, the Dutch, teachers and students, everyone will get together, We’re already looking forward to it, so hopefully we’ll see you there for a day to remember?

The Parent’s day committee


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