Career Committee

The Career Committee is committed to introducing Psychology students to the work field. The Career Committee is a committee with an eye on the future. They do this by organising excursions within different streams of Psychology and Child Studies. By organising excursions to companies from the work field, you will quickly get in contact with your future internship or workplace. The Career Committee tries to orient interested students on their future by offering them different kinds of activities. Even if you do not know which field you want to get into, the Career Committee’s activities can help you discover what you find interesting.

In the past years, there have been excursions to the Sexology department in the AMC, Parlan/Transferium youth care, STER Reclame, Sport Psychology, the Bijlmerbajes and Clinic for Eating Disorders Ursula.

If you wish to contact the Career Committee, please send an e-mail to

Caitlyn Driedijk
Eva Duran (Chairman)
Therezia Pompurova
Elisa Struemper

Hey! We are Caitlyn, Terezka, Elisa and Eva from the Career committee. We are first- and second-year psychology students at the VU, between 20 and 25 years old and very international – Dutch, Slovak, German and Turkish. As we put our focus on presenting future career prospects to psychology students, we organize lectures and excursions related to the psychological workfield, as well as a career day in collaboration with the faculty. This helps our students to get a better understanding of the psychological job market and provides them with specific ideas and input about their future career opportunities.


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