Convention Committee 

Each year at the start of the college year, the Convention Committee organises a convention or a symposium. The committee members try to bring psychological and pedagogical matters to life for the students of the faculty. The gap between study and practice will be reduced at the congress by for example professors, clients and field experts. Therefore, visiting the VSPVU’s congress is an interesting connection to the study, that will result in depth and widening of knowledge.

If you wish to contact the Convention Committee, please send an e-mail to


Marianna Schulz Del Vecchio
Pauline Laube
Jet de Wit
Omer Sami Temel
Juliane Dylla (Chairwoman)
One more spot is open! Contact the committee to get more information.

We are very happy to announce our this year’s convention committee. Together we will work hard on creating a day filled with diverse lectures, inspiring discussions, lots of laughter and -of course- good food. With our chairwomen Juli, every detail will be considered and taken care of. In his position as the vice chairmen and general member, Sami is the allrounder, who always steps in and helps out anywhere he can. Jet and her open- minded personality have the ability to build various connections as the external contact person. Everything that is discussed is precisely held onto and put onto paper by our secretary Pauline. Last but definitely not least, Marianna is able to promote our convention in the most appealing way possible.

Representing three nationalities -Turkish, Dutch and German-, we will put together an event, that will give you a different perspective on various topics and themes. We are very excited to not only work together and become close as a team, but also prepare an unforgettable day for everyone attending!

See you all in October 2020! :)
Sami, Jet, Pauline, Marianna & Juli


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