Yearbook Committee

To remember all the fun activities the VSPVU organises, a committee has been established: the Yearbook Committee. They produce the yearbook called the Chronicles, Chronicles means a story in a logical order. The Yearbook Committee writes a report of every activity organised by the VSPVU, which will be recorded in the year book. The year book serves as a memento of the organised activities by means of reports and photography. Of course, we want you to remember the good times you had. Hopefully you will turn every page with pleasure even after many years!

If you wish to contact the Yearbook Committee, please send an e-mail to

Demi Acquoy (Chairman)
Yamal Brammerloo
Iris Doodeman
Casper van Tongeren
Martijn van der Zee

The Yearbook Committee 2018-2019 consists of pure power. Our sponsor coordinator Martijn has been a VSPVU member the longest of anyone else in the committee, yet this is his first year as an active member! His charms and enthusiasm are sure to reel in any sponsor you can think of. When making a yearbook, pictures are of great importance. Luckily vice-chairman and lead designer Yamal is an actual photographer! He’ll make sure to bring out your best side in every pic. With a second major in mathematics, Casper knows numbers like the back of his hand, which may help in assuring you a fair price. However, as he has shown his committee in one of the very first days, he may just have some mole trickery up his sleeve. In a meeting these boys can shout ideas and other points, both relevant and redundant, at a pace very few can keep up with. Yet Iris does a job like no other. Viciously typing away at the transcript while also doing her say in the meeting. Leading and structuring this team is Demi. With a crystal clear vision, razor-sharp alertness and yet a friendly smile she’ll make sure everyone does what they need to do, when they need to do it. This well-rounded squad will do their best to make the yearbook 2018-2019 be the pinnacle of flashbacks on an amazing year. To report on the process to the board, Thierry is our dedicated Board-delegate and personal hypeman.


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