Bookselling Committee

The Bookselling Committee is VSPVU’s the biggest committee and takes care of the sale of books and summaries. Every first and last two weeks of a period, the Bookselling Committee members are behind our counter in the VU boekhandel. Because the Bookselling Committee exists of a big team, you quickly get to know a lot of new people and the committee does not take much time. It is a fun and low-threshold way to do something for the association and have all the benefits of being an active member.

If you wish to contact the Bookselling Committee, please send an e-mail to


Boaz Emanuels (Chairman)
Zoë Zuidema
Finn Keatinge
Niklas Scharnofski
Gijs van der Pijl
Anouk Van Breukelen
Kieran Everts
Eleanor Koomen
Patrick Camara
Yamal Brammmerloo
Stella Rauschenbusch
Jet Looman
Minh-Thy Nguyen
Edmond Agabekian
Bram Le Fèbre
Niels Dijkshoorn
Sakar Baroshky
Josephine Hooijberg
Fabrizhio Pereira Alvarez
Martijn van der Zee



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