Bar Committee

The Bar Committee started in the 71st year of the association and is responsible for organizing all the social drinking gatherings ('borrels') in the VSPVU room. The committee organises at least five borrels a year.

If you wish to contact the Bar Committee, please send an e-mail to


Michiel Smit
Sterre Klazes
Maja Romstedt
Danique Rosenthal
Robin van den Berg
Iris Doodeman (Chairwoman)

Dear bar lovers,

This year, we’re responsible for organizing your favorite VSPVU-events. Nice and cozy at the
VSPVU-room and therefore very low-effort to always stop by for a nice drink, a good talk, a
hug or a game. So what’s stopping you from coming by?
These amazingly cozy nights will be arranged by a super close and hard-working committee
this year, that’s also known as Michiel’s Angels TM . As our first angel, there’s Sterre, our vice-
chairman, who always has good stories about wild nights and has tons of enthusiasm for
every new BarCo. Then there’s Robin, our promotion-coordinator, who works wonders with
her motivation and sweet smiles. Our secretary, Danique, types faster than you talk and
keeps things light with her sarcastic comments. Then our next angel is our general member
Maja, whose enthusiasm can lighten everyone’s mood. Also, there’s our only man, PIMP and
walking bar encyclopedia, Michiel, who will take care of this year’s budget as our treasurer.
Last but not least, there’s our chairman Iris, who might look very sweet but can surprise
anyone with an unexpected rude joke. This interesting, yet perfect mix will make sure that
this year’s BarCo’s will be arranged supremely with the greatest games, best drinks, good
snacks and the best company. You’re surely coming too, aren’t you? We’ll see you soon!


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