Bookselling Committee

The Bookselling Committee is VSPVU’s the biggest committee and takes care of the sale of books and summaries. Every first and last two weeks of a period, the Bookselling Committee members are behind our counter in the VUboekhandel. Because the Bookselling Committee exists of a big team, you quickly get to know a lot of new people and the committee does not take much time. It is a fun and low-threshold way to do something for the association and have all the benefits of being an active member.

If you wish to contact the Bookselling Committee, please send an e-mail to

Thomas Arnold
Kosalba Avdulli
Birsin Baydemir
Noa Berkhout
Patrick Camara
Sanne de Gier
Robyn Hamminga
Ehsan Hashemi
Naomi-Joan Hengeveld
Isabel Hooijman
Sterre Klazes
Marlies Kok
Janine Kollen
Jet Looman
Asmaa Mansour
Justin Mirrer
Linde Okkerse
Gijs van der Pijl (Chairman)
Karlo Welch

We are the bookselling committee. The committee where everyone wants to be an active member, but wants to do the least possible amount of work. Get all the benefits and enjoy AMD & AMW, without having to meet every week. We like to party without having to worry if your event is going as planned or having to do a sober shift. Nevertheless we are also the committee that earns the most money for the VSPVU and therefor one of the most important. Without us y’all wouldn’t have free beer and wine at AMD & AMW, so be grateful. Being the partyanimals that we are the bookselling committee is always represented at every borrel and party.  We are a diverse group existing of former balie-members, members with other committee experience, internationals and freshmen. The bookselling committee was unbelievably popular this year and with good reason. This honestly is a great group with lovely people, and it’s in everyone’s best interest that they’re part of the bookselling committee. Now they have more time left to get the party started!


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