Activity Committee

The Activity Committee is the VSPVU’s activities committee. The committee arose from the Sportcie, Cultcie and Feestdagcie. The Actie organises four activities each year that have something to do with sports and culture. In the past few years, there have been excursions to Jumpsquare, Meet The City in Valkenburg, bubble soccer, the Batavierenrace and a 90s Game Night as well as Outdoor Water activities.

If you wish to contact the Activity Committee, please send an e-mail to


Antonia Demann
Nathalie Sluijs
Shannon Fredison
Thierry Witschge (Chairman)
One more spot is open! Contact the committee to get more information.

The Activity Committee, in a world of boredom and serious studying this committee is THE medicine against an unexciting life! With a new experience every activity, your student time won’t ever be the same. Nothing is too crazy for this group of activists. Swimming? Sure! Playing laser tag? Sure! Climbing the Mount Everest whilst carrying a goat on your back? Sure! We’ll go the distance for you to make sure you will never ever have to be bored! So who is this group of exciting people? Starting off we have the grandma within our committee: Antonia. Antonia is one of our internationals in the committee and she’s already 25 years old, hence our grandma. She is our secretary so we will never be unorganized again. Next up is our moneymaker and spender Nathalie. As our treasurer she will make sure we get the best deals for our activities so you won’t be paying too much! She truly negotiates the hard way! To make sure everyone is aware of our events we have our shining star Elianne who steals the show with her great promotion that can be seen everywhere in the associations reach! Check out the mediacanals and you won’t miss anything of her art! Since being In a committee can be quite some work we have Shannon to back up everyone at once! As our general member all the way from Suriname she will do everything to help where it’s needed. Last up is the only guy in the committee: Thierry. As the Chairman he will try to lead everything in the right direction. He is a little forgetful sometimes though so we'll have to see if everything will go right in the end. Of course we are sure our activities will be one of the best things you’ll do this year! Hopefully we’ll see you around so we can have some fun together! 


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