Activity Committee

The Activity Committee is the VSPVU’s activities committee. The committee arose from the Sportcie, Cultcie and Feestdagcie. The Actie organises four activities each year that have something to do with sports and culture. In the past few years, there have been excursions to Jumpsquare, Meet The City in Valkenburg, bubble soccer, the Batavierenrace and a 90s Game Night.

If you wish to contact the Activity Committee, please send an e-mail to

Tessa Hollaender
Roy Lansdorf
Noa van der Plas (Chairman)
Anja Roennpage
Maya Romstedt

Noa, what a go-getter. Our chairman, she does what is right. Did you know that on her very first day of college, Noa went to class in a wheelchair despite a terrible incident? Luckily she could still touch her elbow with her tongue. It did not matter much or Roy had also ended up like this. At the age of nine he played in the rivers of Suriname: 'Oh guys, where did that trunk in the water go?'. Just to find out later that it was a wild crocodile. Good thing you're still here Roy. Also someone whose presence we can really appreciate is Maja. Maja is joy itself, a bit High School Musical-ish. Always looking for adventure, but is that always such a good idea? What if you are being sent away from a cafe, because you stole someone else's drink? Ah, the one who perseveres wins, we shall say. And that knows Anja too well. Although she didn't like it at all as a child, she made pictures with a Santa every year! Sounds familiar? Like knowing that you can expect a hangover, but still booze litres every week. Well.. when you are little, you do not think too much about your decisions. But what if you will always be small? Having grown 1 meter since birth is in itself also an achievement Tessa, no worries. If you continue to rejoice us with your singing skills (she's on spotify), we'll make it as a team!


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