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Kascontrole (Financial Audit)

Kascontrole (Financial Audit)

The Kascontrole (Financial Audit) checks all of the transactions the Board and the Committees do.

2020 has been a year of great change in the world. New ways of living have been introduced and also,
many important changes in leadership have been introduced on a worldwide level. Some important
examples of this include the US presidential election, which has been the biggest ever, and the
constitution of the 74 th board of the VSPVU and with them their RvA and KasCo.
Much like Obama and both Bushes and Clintons before him have to the United States, the
RvA and KasCo have played a large part in the structure of the VSPVU in the past. Yet as of current
their work, while maybe not as visible, is of the utmost importance. Much like Obama has done for
Biden, we are there to support, guide, motivate and cheer on the 74 th board as they embark on this
beautiful journey of a board year.
There are a lot more similarities between past US presidents and past VSPVU board members
and since the RvA and KasCo consists entirely of those former board members, they should be treated
similarly to former US presidents. They should be treated like old, wise people who for some reason
complain a lot. Yet they also have their heart in the right place and know what’s best for this
country… or association.
With a combined VSPVU experience of nearly 20 years, we can confidently say we have seen
and reacted to most situations the board can encounter. While our lives may have taken us down roads
no longer compatible with being in a committee, our green hearts remain and we wish to spend this
year on the sidelines. Like a mountain over a city, we watch in silence and let our experiences guide
you. We are Liz, Sjoerd, Pieter, Casper and Kirsten. Your Mount Rushmore, your RvA and KasCo.


  • Sjoerd van den Assem

  • Liz Masselink