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Chronicles (Yearbook Committee)

Chronicles (Yearbook Committee)

Every year, the Chronicles creates a yearbook that includes pictures, texts, quotes etc. about the fun events the VSPVU has organised and all the committees who were a part of making the year so great!

This year we have our creative purple croc guy Samuel, as our Secretary. Lucas is our trusty Treasurer, here's to hoping Swiper won’t swipe. Our Promotion Coordinator is Isabel, who always has fun new ideas for promo. We have Esmee as our External Contacts and Vice Chair, she makes sure Sarah doesn't break down and gets us amazing sponsors. And finally Sarah as Chair, who can't wait to have the amazing year captured. 

If you wish to contact the Chronicles, please send an e-mail to


  • Sarah de Rosa-Hansen


  • Samuel Zachariev


  • Lucas Ehrlich


  • Isabel Bartelds

    Promotion Coordinator

  • Esmee Blankers

    External contacts