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Congrescie (Convention Committee)

Congrescie (Convention Committee)

Each year at the start of the academic year, the Congrescie organises a convention or a symposium. The committee members try to bring psychological and pedagogical matters to life for the students of the Faculty. The gap between study and practice will be reduced at the convention by for example professors, clients and field experts. Therefore, visiting the VSPVU’s convention is an interesting connection to the study that will result in widening of knowledge.

This year, Esmee is our chair. She studied criminology and is now expanding her knowledge by studying psychology, and this knowledge can be used for her to be the best chair.

Lea is our externals, with her social skills she will get the most amazing speakers.

Femke is our treasurer. She is very reliable and structured in school and work so she will be very good at being a trustworthy treasurer, who knows all about the ins and outs of expenses.

Carolin is the secretary, with her typing skills she won’t miss anything we say in the meetings, so we can’t even forget our inappropriate jokes.

Romkje is in charge of promotion, and will make sure everybody knows about the congres!

If you wish to contact the Congrescie, please send an e-mail to


  • Esmee Blankers


  • Lea Kausch

    External contacts

  • Romkje van Thuijl

    Promotion Coordinator

  • Femke Butter


  • Sarah de Rosa-Hansen