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Actie (Activity Committee)

Actie (Activity Committee)


We’re the Actie (the best committee). We organize fun activities for you. Those can be pretty much anything, so stay updated to see what we’re coming up with for you! We promise its going to be good. So don’t forget to join :).

Some important things you should know about us: The face of our committee is Quinten, so you’ll probably find him on the promotion for our events. When he isn’t modeling for the Actie, he’s the Chair. Even though he never gives out the agenda on time, he somehow manages to keep an overview about everything going on. The one putting Quinten on our amazing promotion is Melissa. She’s making sure people know about our events and that people want to come, since she is the Promotion Coordinator. Menno, our Treasurer, is just there to spend all of our money, which goes surprisingly well (so far). Our Secretary Hoang writes down everything we say, since our memory is pretty bad, that’s very useful for us. Ella is mostly doing nothing and sometimes helping the other members (if they ask for help), because she is our General Member.

We hope to see you soon!

The Actie <3
PS: Please pay attention to our cute photo.

If you wish to contact the Actie, please send an e-mail to


  • Quinten Mac Donald


  • Hoang anh Nguyen


  • Menno West


  • Melissa Sier

    Promotion Coordinator

  • Ella Dehne

    General Member