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Actie (Activity Committee)

Actie (Activity Committee)

Hey guys!

We’re the Activities committee; Actie for short. In our committee, we have Sonia the treasurer, keeping track of our money, making sure that the ticket prices are as low as possible <3. Our lovely Quinten will make cool promotion to let you all know about our fun events! Nadine, our amazing secretary, makes sure all details are written down so we don’t forget! Malte as general member will help everybody where needed; our hero. And finally, our chair Jet, who decides what to have for dinner during our meetings. 


Our job is to plan exciting events for VSPVU (and non VSPVU) members. What activities you might wonder? These are activities like a yoga class, a scavenger hunt, a roller skating event or a pole dance class! With these fun and active events we’re ready and willing to distract you from Pavlov and others. Keep an eye out for our events so that you can snatch a ticket before they're gone. 

See you soon!


If you wish to contact the Actie, please send an e-mail to


  • Jet de Wit


  • Nadine Schuiten


  • Sonia Erbé Gómez


  • Quinten Mac Donald

    Promotion Coordinator

  • Lenny Maehlmann

    General Member