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Chess Tournament

Chess Tournament
Presented by73rd Board VSPVU
DateTuesday, May 12, 2020

We don’t know about you but we surely do miss seeing members playing chess in the VSPVU room. Some are obviously better at it than others and some really need to practice more. But no matter what the level of experience you had, playing or just simply watching a chess match in the room was indeed a nice thing to do for all. It is sad the room is closed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to play chess with each other. We invite you now to join our online chess tournament. Everybody is invited, doesn’t matter if you know how to play or not, you can always learn and practice with us!

Steps to participate:
1-    Sign-up via the form!
2-    Go to and open a free account
3-    Those who signed up will receive an invitation to join the VSPVU chess club shortly after.
4-    During the day of the activity you will receive an invitation link to the tournament itself. 

You will be matched with a participant and when your game is over you will then be matched with someone else whose game is also over. In the end the person who has the most points wins!

Lots of love,
73rd Board VSPVU