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Dear member, 

Thank you for showing interest in the VSP-Family. This is a concept that aims to connect students to each other to combat any loneliness that might be present among any of you in these troubling times with the COVID pandemic. Even if you are not lonely this might be a great opportunity you to meet new people. We are really grateful that you show interest in this concept and we hope that this will positively contribute to your social life. 

If you sign up you will be put in a group with up to 3 other students so you guys get a small group in which you can connect with one another and share stories, experiences, struggles and anything else you might want to. We will try to make at least one of the people in this group a 2nd or 3rd year student. 

We will try to form groups with as many similarities as possible and you will be contacted beforehand if you are okay with the group you have been placed in. If you and your buddies are fine with the group we will then proceed to make the group. 

We really hope to give you some connection in these troubling times. 



the 74th Board.

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